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Have a question about LTSP? Your answer is likely found in our wiki-based documentation. Please read the documentation carefully. If you can't find an answer to your question, join the IRC chat room, search the mailing list archives, or e-mail the LTSP-Discuss mailing list.

Live LTSP Chat

There is a community LTSP support chatroom on the IRC network Freenode. Developers and users hang out there and provide support with LTSP. Point your IRC client to #ltsp on, or log in to the chatroom via your browser, using our web client.

Third Party Links's LTSP Tutorial Videos [YouTube]
Ubuntu 12.04 64-bit Server 32-bit Clients
OpenSUSE 12.1 LTSP Tutorial

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Professional support

Professional services, support and products related to the Linux Terminal Server Project are available from the following companies.
United States, Michigan
Visit website provides certified LTSP Thin Clients and Support. has deployed and supported LTSP since founding the project in 1999. They support LTSP through sponsorship of LTSP By The Sea developer conference and providing developers with thin client hardware.

CyberOrg Info

CyberOrg Info
Visit website

CyberOrg Info is an Open Source Solutions and Training provider. CyberOrg Info specializes in server implementation on Linux and training starting from Linux Fundamentals to Advanced Administration. They develop the KIWI-LTSP project that combines the best of the KIWI imaging system with LTSP5.

Hellenic Schools Technical Support Team
Visit website

This Greek support team for schools has developed a complete solution based on LTSP. With special repositories for educational applications, wikis, administration software, and much more. Schools in Greece that desire an open source IT environment are professionally supported by them. The team is funded by the ministry of education and NSRF.


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LTSP-Discuss Mailing List

The LTSP Discuss mailing list has been in use for many years and provides plenty of useful tips and tricks from real life deployment examples and scenarios. If you are new to LTSP, we recommend Searching the Archives before posting your question.

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